Regular service per passenger or full boat rental to the Bijagos Islands

We offer a fast boat transportation service from Bissau to Rubane, Bubaque, and any other destination in the Bijagos Archipelago, with the following transport options​:

  • Regular transportation per passenger by speedboat to Rubane and Bubaque. Departures every Friday from Bissau and return on Sunday. On days other than Fridays and Sundays, there are usually daily departures from Bissau or Bubaque respectively from November 1st to May 30th, but they are not guaranteed, so it is necessary to inquire. For other destinations, there are neither scheduled departures nor excursions in advance; they are only made upon request:
    TripCapacityPrice *
    Bissau - Bubaque or Rubane1 passenger30.000 XOF/46€ per one-way or return trip
    (*) Tickets are not reserved, nor is there online issuance. Tickets for the regular speedboat service to Bubaque or Rubane can be purchased at our offices from 24 hours before departure.
  • Full boat rental, adjusting the departure to the needs of the group or traveler, for the destinations of Rubane and Bubaque with the following rates:
    TripCapacityPrice *
    Bissau - Bubaque or RubaneUp to 10 passengers500.000 XOF/762€
    Bissau - Bubaque or RubaneUp to 18 passengers600.000 XOF/915€
    Bissau - Bubaque or RubaneUp to 22 passengers900.000 XOF/1.371€
    (*) Price for a round trip on the same day, from 1 passenger up to the maximum capacity of passengers. It does not include overnight waiting. If the return trip is not made on the same day, each day/night of waiting for the speedboat at the destination will incur an additional cost of 15%.
  • Full boat rental for any other destination in the Bijagos Archipelago: contact us to request a quote for a trip or for excursions. We offer custom excursion programs including boat, guide, airport transfer, and hotels in Bissau and/or Bijagos depending on available days and budget. See excursions section.

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Contact phone numbers​:
Office: +245 956 29 27 54
Patche: +245 969 12 50 05
Europe Office: +34 944 800 375

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